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After updating to xp 11 11.10b3 it's imposible to fly b747-400. Engines stop during taxi or when reached fl200 (ksfo). Vnav activates automatic throttle even if you have not armed it. Trying to fly it manually, it's no option because the plane behaves more unpredictably than in previous versions.

In order to test this plane I deactivated any plugin, even ivap.

Even if this plane was not perfect before, I was able to fly this plane before updating x-plane.

I know this plane has a lot of bugs, but instead of improving it gets worse and worse.

Does anyone know how to solve this? I can't do long hauls flight any more.

Is there any freeware version that is worth while flying instead of the default plane?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi, the best move, for you , would be to revert to non-beta updates by unchecking the beta box during update process. At least until the B747 is fixed.

You can follow beta development here :


You can report bugs here :


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