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I have a valid licence and now when i try to start the sim, a window apears asking for a valid licence in order to play the full version.

When i enter my valid licence serial number, an error ocour: SSL CONNECT ERROR, and send me to play the demo or retry with the serial with no succes.

Can you help me?
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Hi, I have the same problem, did you solved? how?
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Yes, it was a port that get blocked to stablish the connection due to a malware.

Ill recomend you to run malwarebites or something like that and the problem will solved

get luck!

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It sounds like you do not have an internet connection that allows the validation. Double check your connection and firewall settings. I have not seen this error before with X-Plane's DRM. Please attach a full copy of the log.txt after seeing the error and a screenshot as well.