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Attempted to Start New Flight with Departue at KIAD Ronald Regan Int'l. Program started to load .Then a message appeared " File Missing start update to install missing scenery file.I sat next to computer after installing Disc2.Waited. 5min nothing happened.The message then told me the following could not be loaded:Global Scenery/earth nav data/=00=0000/=09=009.dsf. I decided to open Disc 2 and check Nav files. I checked all files and could not locate this file in Disc 2.

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Great answer for my question. Went back into XPlane  Installer did the Remove /Add Scenery and followed instructions. Actually went up to disc 4 to get the right Earth/Nav Data.


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I have this .dsf file in a full scenery install. It may not be located on disc 2--I do not know how the scenery is divided up between all the DVDs. Please start the installer again & pick add/remove scenery. Pick the location on the map you want to have scenery for, then follow the prompts for which discs to insert to install it.