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This happens sometimes during loading, but more often while flying. Using Windows 10 Creators Update and X-Plane 11.20 beta. Let me know if you need any more info. This has been happening since I installed it even with a clean install. Log file attached.

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Reinstalled from scratch and still have the same issue.

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Hi captweal,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

In viewing the link for the Log.txt file it suggests to me that you have not loaded the software to the desktop or created a independent X-Plane directory.  The location I read is into the D:\Programs File\x-plane\....  directory.

There are several comments in earlier forum Q&As advising this is a no-go directory and will/could cause problems with conflicting files such as you are experiencing.

Try loading X-Plane direct to the desktop or to a new directory as D:\X-plane.... and forget about any other location.  The best option is if you have an additional dedicated drive just for X-Plane.  Have a look at the on-line version of the manual for further instructions which can be found at

Do you need the Beta version?  Download the officially released  11.11 (?) version and try.  The beta version is for testing purposes and is usually downloaded as an additional "try me" arrangement into another directory to prevent any conflict with the official release version.

Good luck


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Hi Glenn, thanks for your quick response. The reason X-Plane is in that directory is because I have two separate drives in my system. One for Windows and one for all my other programs. The "Program Files" folder in the D:/ drive is not actually the program files folder that the computer created. I just titled it that because I like keeping things organized. In reality, it's just a normal folder on a separate hard drive from Windows. I'd put it on the desktop, but I don't have enough space on my boot drive for it.

The reason I have the beta version is because I was having the exact same issue with version 11.11. I wanted to see if the beta made any difference. It did not make it any better or worse.

Maybe there''s something else I should try. I've scoured the internet, but no luck.