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As we all noted, there are different ways of obtaining X-Plane 11, namely

  •  a download from
  • a DVD set, and
  • a Steam download

My question is: Are all three the exact same product? Are updates pushed to Steam as they are on the other versions? Does the Steam version contain the same scenery as the download or DVD version?

Maybe my question should be: Since they are all priced the same, what is the best way to purchase X-Plane 11?


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had the same doubts, I purchase x plane 11 through steam and now want to get out of it , wonder if that can be done, all I wanted is to get x plane running with I am still waiting for the  download,  can I cancel steam and buy direct from x plane site ? I am all confuse here ,,.
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I assume you have to ask Steam about their return policy. Once downloaded, I don't think you can cancel the order.
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thanks for your comment, no I did not download since they never sent me the link or key, so I was able to cancel and suppose to get a refund. I will now order direct from plane.

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Hi florian,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

All versions eventually become the same product.

The steam version is a 3rd party product and from earlier comments by Laminar Research staff in this forum there is quite some delay in receiving updates and another comment I have seen by the same LR staff there may be 2 or more parts to the installation. The Steam version does not mix with the Laminar Research version; meaning you cannot update from Laminar Research versions.  You have to wait for Steam to have the updates. Personally I don't support Steam.

In relation to the disc version there are two options.  Buy direct from Laminar Research or from a licensed reseller for Europe and Oceania (Aerosoft).  The Aerosoft version provides additional add-ons and provides a password with the product.  The password they provide has no impact on the ability to run the X-Plane software. It is only a ploy to get you to purchase more of their products.  The downfall with the disc version is the No 1 disc has to be inserted in the disc drive at all times.  Unlike X-Plane 10 there is no USB dongle that substitutes for disc 1.  I have the aerosoft version only due to the fact I was able to get a  good price downunder considering exchange rates and freight charges fron the USA.  The positive aspect with the disc version from either party is you can get any updates, including Beta versions at anytime, when available, when you launch X-Plane ie immediately.

The digital download direct from Laminar Research is the 3rd option.  You should, as a backup, keep a copy either on a large USB drive or on another part of your PC (additional drive) away from the official location where you want to run X-Plane.  You should also keep in a secure place details of your purchase and password key.  There are many situations in this forum where users have lost their passwords.  Laminar Research have now setup an email address just to deal with this problem.  The Laminar Research digital version will allow you to receive updates as they occur just like the disc version.  A possible downfall with the digital version download is your internet speed, and the speed of international servers forwarding/supplying the digital download.  There are instances in this forum where the download has taken several hours. 

Personally to answer the question you have asked at the end of your question and having tried a digital download myself is to go for this version.  Don't purchase immediately but download the demo version.  In doing so you will get an indication of the download speed and you will be able to try before you purchase.  When downloaded and tried, purchase the product and then apply the password key provided by Laminar Research when you run the demo version.  The demo version will then unlock hidden gems allowing you full access to the product.

One of the good things about the X-Plane software when loaded is that, if loaded correctly, it loads as a standalone directory and can be copied/ transferred onto another computer.  It does not drift into other files structures eg operating system files.  Read the manual first about the installation.  The manual can be found at

Good luck and welcome to X-Plane.


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Glenn, thanks a lot for your comprehensive and informative answer.

I had already downloaded the Demo version and both download and installation went well (and somewhat fast). Sounds like that is the best option. Do I understand correctly, that with the password key, I can re-download Xplane at any time later (in case of drive crash or whatever) - the backup USB is just for convenience, right?

Many thanks!
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Hi florian,

Glad to be of assistance.

I am not able to provide a definitive answer to your latest question.  In using a USB stick it will allow you to reload following a computer "crash".  The other benefit is that if you update and it causes significant problems you can revert back to a stable version provided your USB stick has the previous version.  

There are many instances in this forum where flight simmers want to go back to an earlier version as they are experiencing problems.  Unless you have a backup procedure, you cannot go back once you update.

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Since Xplane 11 apparently seems to be some type of standalone installation that does not place files in the system tree of the OS, I think it's a good idea to have a copy on USB or external HDD in case something goes wrong. If I am going to purchase Xplane, I will definitely have such a backup. Did I understand correctly, all it takes to restore is copying back the content of the backup dir to the machine's drive?