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This is the second time I download it on Steam and the game returns to normal operation. After a few days when I want to start a new flight, all aircraft will appear with a "?" Sign, and continuing to load the program, it will halt the load and will only work again if it is uninstalled and reinstalled via Steam. Could you help me, please ?

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Do you have any add ons installed--aircraft, scenery, plugins etc? The first thing would be to remove them to see if that fixes it.

The ? icons appear on the planes appear when there isn't an icon for it. All default planes should have this. If it disappears without you making any changes, then there is something else wrong that is causing problems with the install. Installed files are going missing somehow.
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No, there is no add on installed. I will check the latest installed applications.

I tried to start the game by not choosing "New Flight", but yes a flight that was in progress and thinking it would crash anyway, I did not follow the initialization process and when I returned the scenario with the plane was normalized. Then quit the game and shut down the PC. I will do both procedures again. Thanks in advance for the tips. I will send you a feed back as soon as possible . Thanks Jroberts !