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I have a 3DConnexion Enterprise Space Mouse and CAD Mouse from the same company on my system for doing Architectural Design Work.

After installing the DEMO I chose the SETTINGS Under JOYSTICK | DEVICE I have the following to choose.

The Default is the CADMOUSE, the next is the SPACEMOUSE ENTERPRISE and the last is VID:0xbeefPID:0x046d. The latter I have no idea what this is.

The SPACEMOUSE ENTERPRISE has what is essentially a 6 axis joystick. I selected it and setup the the movement as follows:

1 AXIS 0 YAW (Rudder) when I turn or twist the Joystick is responds correctly

2 AXIS 1 ROLL (Aileron) when I move it left or right it responds correctly

3 AXIS 2 PITCH (Elevator) when I move it fore and aft it responds correctly

All other I have NONE selected at this time.I created a Default Configuration File for the SPACEMOUSE ENTERPRISE

I then chose DONE and selected NEW FLIGHT. When Select START FLIGHT I receive a DBX that says UNCONFIGURED JOYSTICK or YOKE FOUND referring to my CADMOUSE. I only want to use this a pointing device so I select IGNORE. THe sim Loads and the C172 Cockpit displays on the MAIN Monitor in 3D. BTW I have 4 monitors hooked up with the MAIN one the flight screen in 3D and one of the others as the Instructors Panel. The CAD Mouse works just fine as a mouse so I released the brake and added a bit of power to start moving. When I attempt to rotate the ENTERPRISE Joystick nothing happens. The only thing that response is when I move the joystick forward (Which I set for Pitch forward) the view zooms in. I pull it back as if the climb and the Screen zooms out.

So, Somehow X-plane allowed me to setup the Enterprise to as a joy stick but in the sim it does not function. What can I send you to assess the situation so I can use the awesome tool to fly with.

P.S. Below is a link to the 3D Connexion Enterprise and CAD Mouse I have referred to in the above.

P.S.S. How do I return the settings to simply use the up/down/left/right arrow keys to fly with? Not my preferred choice but better than what I am experiencing so far.


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Uploading Log.txtThanks for looking into how I might be enable my to work with X-Plane.

If you watched the video from the link provided I think you can image how awesome it would be to be able to control the aircraft with this mouse. As a REAL WORLD PILOT I certainly understand and appreciate the value in having an actual Yoke and Throttle Quadrant, etc. but for the purposes of my Work / Design / Sim desktop, this mouse has all the features I need and more to make Both Work and Sim'g a great experience.

One of the many attractive elements of the X-Plane is its flexibilty and depth. The ability to assign functions and adjust features from something as simple as a mouse to a full-blown FAA Ceritified 6 axis Motion cockpit show the incredible programming ingenuity that went into coding this platform.

Please advise if I can be of any assistance in getting my SpaceMouse up and running. So far I have not even got off the ground in x-plane and need your help.



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Hi! First off - wow! That is an epic mouse! Let me look into this a little bit further. It may be the case that we do not support this fully yet because it is unique flight controller for X-Plane. I am sorry for the inconvenience here!