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I'm running Xplane 11 on Windows 10 and have tried using a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick and a Logitech Freedom 2.5 cordless joystick.  Both joysticks are recognized by Xplane and I can calibrate both.  All buttons and joystick motions are displayed in the settings screen, however when I actually start a simulation only certain buttons on the joysticks work and none of the stick motions control the rudder, pitch and yaw.  I have displayed the joystick readings in the cockpit and no readings are shown.

How can I get either one of these joysticks to control airplanes?

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Is there a magenta warning in the joystick settings screen? Both of these devices come with default configuration files, each of which is set up to use roll, pitch, etc. If you have both plugged in at the same time, and did not change the default axes set up, X-Plane won't know which device to use for roll, pitch, etc. This can show up as no response in the aircraft, or sometimes the axis will "jump" around. You'll need to unplug one, or change any duplicate axis assignments.
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Thanks, that did the trick.  I was assuming that X-plane would only pay attention to the last joystick calibrated.