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My pc updated on the 15/5/18 i have since noticed that X plane 11 wont start when i right click and select "Run as Administrator" (starts when i left click) When i do load it up even at 40 fps im getting stuttering. I have tried many things such as running the X plane updater and i even deleted the windows update yet the problem persists. By most of the programs i right click on are not starting when i select run as admin. Need some help plz i wanna start flying again. I posted about this in a X plane 11 group on fb with a video. If you can view the link i hope its helpful in asking my question https://www.facebook.com/plevels/videos/10160063023065467/?comment_id=2103830839849069&notif_id=1526471763753277&notif_t=group_comment

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Why are you trying to launch X-Plane via right click & running as administrator? This should not be necessary if it is installed properly. You can simply double click it to start.

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