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I have had X-Plane 11 since it was in pre-release and have had wonderful frames.  Every update has been good.  Every so often an update would take some frames away but later gain back.  I have been on 11.34 for quite a while now and my frames have been a steady range of 35-50 FPS, maybe lower in high density scenery.  The other day I updated to 11.35 and now I cannot get my frames above 25.  It has gone as low as 19 frames in KLAX.  I have tried everything from reinstalling, to running vanilla X-plane, to posting on forums and for the life of me cannot get my frames back up to what they used to be.  My specs should no doubt be able to keep what I had before also.  They are an 17 7700K at water cooled at 4.2ghz, GTX 1080 8GB, 32GB DDR4 2400 Ram, and MSI Z270 A-Pro Motherboard.

If someone could give me ideas on how to solve this I would be jumping for joy.  Otherwise I will have to wait for a fix.
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I would run the installer (or Validater on Steam) to ensure the continuity of your file structure.
Then check the Log.txt for any clues as to missing calls or errors in load.

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