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After re starting X-Plane for the 10000 times .. always successfully ... there was a notice telling me that Laminar was only thing informations of my sterol number etc etc .... I accepted it ... fine . As I tried to add some sceneries that I don't have ... my serial number was asked ... 30 minutes after looking into my Emails to find the number ... I copied and pasted it ... and nothing happened ! I'm UK based ... I'm aware that there are some issues with servers in Russia .. nonetheless its not my problem at all ! I want my X-plane to work .... is there a solution ? thank you

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X-Plane 11.21r1 had an issue for some people where the new GDPR notice & checkbox was off screen, preventing them from unlocking the sim. This should be fixed in the new beta that's out today. Please try 11.21r2 and see if that fixes it for you.
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Hi, thank you for your reply ... but it still not working ... the X-plane it self work perfectly fine ... the updater and the scenery add on just don't . It become a bit of a drag ! I've been using X-plane since version 2. something ... everything always worked amazingly well ... excepted X plane 11 ... bah as it become more and more popular the quality seems to be dropping ... its very sad ! but on a better note without X-plane I probably would had never succeeded in passing my flying licences ...
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Attach an installer log.txt & be much more specific about how you encounter this problem for any more troubleshooting help.