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I just recently bought the X-Plane 11 download version, and everything went good and well, but when i startup the X-Plane 11 installer, i have to pick a language, and then choose for "Install an X-Plane Product Purchase", but when i come to the screen where i have to put my Product-Key, i can't type anything in, and there some kind of blue box thingie, in the product key space... some one can help? Sorry for maybe bad english....


This is a picture what i get, and what i mean with that blue box... i Cant fill anything in.

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Here is the log.txt

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Apparently it will work if you just copy and paste the product key!
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The blue box is where the "cursor" is for entering the product key. Can you click in the first box to move the cursor? Will it respond to the arrow keys?

Please attach a copy of your installer log.txt (found on the desktop). There is a known issue affecting only Intel HD 520 graphics cards. If you have one of those, we may need help testing a fix.
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