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I just bought the 747-400 for x-plane 10 mobile on iPhone.  When I increase flaps from 10 degrees on final approach the aircraft balloons extremely and continues until stall.  Full nose down pitch does not help.  The aircraft lands smoothly with 10 degrees flaps, but I do not think th is realistic.  Is there something I am missing?
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Have to apply a lot of nose down trim to get the flap configuration to work
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Trim helps, as you note. The 20deg notch is a ballooner on desktop too. An airline pilot (757?) told me his autopilot anticipates required trim when flaps added, which is pretty cool if true.
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Are we going to get an official response on this? This is a stock aircraft. One of the biggest draws of x-plane is in its purported realism, especially on flight dynamics, but that seems way off on this aircraft. Can we take the simulation seriously?  I am surprised I am the only one raising this. What am I missing?

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