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Hi Q&A team,

when flying the really good Aerobask DA62 for more than one hour flight, the timer on PFD should switch from 00:59:59 to 01:00:00, but it shows 00:00:00, and it stays the same when flyng more than 2, 3, 4 and 5 hours...smiley

I am not sure this is on Aerobask side, but rather on X-Plane, and/ or I should fly another bird with a Garmin 1000.

Could you please check and revert?


Best regards,


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I actually just filed a bug where the dataref that tracks hours did not seem to work. This was pointed out in the default C172 G1000. It's very possible this same thing is affecting the Aerobask plane. This issue is XPD-9265 and will be listed in release notes if / when fixed.
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Thanks a lot Jennifer!



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