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Can any one help me with this issue. I deleted my x plane cuz I was not able to open it due to an authentication issue. My surprise is now I cannot load again x plane due to the same problem. Authentication server.

Anyone knows why this is happening? Ive contact technical support buy they didn't replied me.

Thanks in advance

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Check your internet connection and make sure X-Plane can get through any firewalls or security programs. A screenshot of the exact error might also help diagnose the problem & find a solution.
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Hi, thanks for your reply.

Actually I life in United Arab Emirates and seems they’ve installed firewalls to restrict some contents. Seems to me that flight simulators are a letal Weapon for the government hahah.

Thanks again
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Hi AntonioR, I live in UAE as well. Having exact same problem with authentication since a month ago. Ive updated xplane & windows, turn off antivirus & firewall but no success. Did u manage to resolve your issue ?
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Oh no! I'm also in the UAE, same problem last couple of months! This is crazy! Any solution? Was hoping to get ready for a recurrent in a few weeks. Any solution would be appreciated!
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Use VPN just to connect with xp serial key. Solved my problem.

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