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I downloaded the last update (the one they always ask when opening x-plane) and now my DA42 has permanent engine problems. The engines, dependent of the the throttle settings, lose power for a few seconds before it catches power again. This happens every 10 seconds with power max, and less frequently with decreased power.

I assumed it has to do with the last update since I didn't have such problem before.

Can someone help me?

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There is no easy or supported way to roll back to an older version of X-Plane 10. If you have a computer back up or second installation that hasn't been updated you could replace it with that.

If you own the DVDs you could reinstall an older version of X-Plane from DVD, but you will not be able to get any updates from in between that version and the latest final version which is 10.41.

The only exception to this is when there is a beta version. If you ever accidentally update to a beta version, you can always go back to the latest shipping version by running the installer and unchecking the "get betas" box.

I would also recommend you check with the developer of the DA42 to see if you need to file a bug report or get updates.
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OK thank you,
But then, how do I fix the DA42 engines problem? By reinstalling x-plane?