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Hi guys,

I have the issue that the ATC sound isn't working at Linux Mint 17.3 (64-bit). The other sound (engines, surrounding etc.) are working like a charm but my ATC sound isn't. The checkboxes for "All sounds" and "verbal ATC" are checked and the sound volumes are set to "Max"

Thanks in advance and regards,


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Hi Semirben

I think the issue is coming from a custom scenery file 


Try deleting your preferences files inside the folder to reset the sim STOCK

Remove all plugins and test the sim once again STOCK

Let me know if this helps you but someone from Laminar will respond to you so keep check back here


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Hi Rishi,

I will try it with a clean X-Plane installation but don't think that two sceneries will cause trouble with the sound system.

Nevertheless thanks for your comment. I will report back if a clean install gets any additional information.



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Hi Daniel,

I'm not the Linux guru on the X-Plane team, but I want to check first to make sure you have speech synthesis software installed on your computer. That is what X-Plane uses for the ATC "voice" on Macs and Windows machines. Does it also come by default on Linux?
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Hi Jennifer,

speech synthesis software doesn't by default on Linux. However I found out that the problem was caused by a plugin which should enhance the default X-Plane ATC ( The normal X-Plane ATC is working after disabling this particular plugin. As I noticed X-Plane is using .wav-files for ATC and this plugin is using text-to-speech.

Do you know if TTS at all is supported by X-Plane under Linux?

Happy easter everyone :)