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Latest version installed of X-Plane 11 and the ATC will not respond either in text or vocally through the speakers. Ir will allow clearance etc but there is no feedback any more....
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I have exactly the same problem. What's goeing on ??????no

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I answered with a solution 3 hours ago but the reply is still pending for approval sad

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Thanks for your reply what are they doeing they made an update but as usual nowent wrong and they do not react !! As we paid for the simulation they should react immediatly or

give some comments what they plan to do, but leave the community out of space this is

not a solution. For my part I will not purchase some items at laminar research in the futurefrownno

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i have the same problem
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We have confirmed this is a real bug, and it is affecting Steam installs only. The install is missing files. For a temporary fix, you can install the replacements manually. We will put out an official fix on Steam as soon as possible.

Download the missing files here.

Unzip the files.

Go to the X-Plane root folder:

  • Right click on X-Plane 
  • Choose Properties.
  • In the rising window choose LOCAL FILES.
  • And than choose BROWSE LOCAL FILES.

From there, go to Resources > default scenery > default ATC > Voices and replace the existing, empty "default" folder with the entire unzipped folder.

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it will not let me download from dropbox is there a link you can send for a different download?
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jroberts... at least an upvote on my solution, that you hid wink

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@cedrictp87 same file from my website:

MD5SUM: a905ef8098cd294c101c1c0c082cc20d

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A fix is now available on Steam. It should auto update the next time you launch.