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Hi, My name is Cristiano I have been an x-plane user since the start of x-plane 9,

since a couple a weeks ago my x-plane 10 has been working fine till patch 10.42 where it has been crashing constantly or quitting unexpectedly, i have reinstalled it twice removing all third party software and im still getting this issue i will include my computer specs below. All the steps are to reproduce the problem is either to click to open the application x-plane on 64bit or 32bit and it just stops after loading in.

imac (21.5 inch, late 2012), Running el capitan 10.11.1, Nvidia Geforce GT640M 512MB, 2.7GHz intel core i5 and 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

thank you for any replies in advance,

regards Cristiano
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Same with me.  Please fix this!

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Hi Cristiano,

Please attach your log.txt to a comment. It will have additional information you did not provide that may be helpful.
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Hi, jroberts, thank you for the reply unfortunately I deleted all the log files when I reinstalled all of the software, but it does seem x-plane crashes when there is a lot of scenery even the standard EDDF scenery crashes but when It happens again I will send a log file in this page, as it seems all is working for now.

regards Cristiano
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Hi , it seems to of happened again And here is the log file.

Regards Cristiano

imageDownload file


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Hi Cristiano,

You seem to have quite a bit of plugins and third party add ons running in this log. If you were to move your plugins folder to the desktop and try the exact same flight again, do you still get the crash? What about if you move custom scenery out? Please upload the log.txt from those flights too.
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Hi jroberts,

of course i can do the same flight when i have a bit of time i will redo the same flight with no plugins and without custom scenery, also would it make a difference if I delete the cycle dump and log txt files after every flight?
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No need to delete the cycle dump or log.txt. X-Plane automatically overwrites them every time it starts.