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I'm a Mac user. I've spent a whole week editing my own home town on WED to share it with the community. Today, I started having problems. Everything seems to be correct. Correct version of X-PLANE, I edit on WED, CORRECT, no problem, I validate, CORRECT, I save CORRECT, I export CORRECT, but when I open X-PLANE, the editing I created on WED does not appear any more. Like I said this is something that started today because I've been able to edit a whole city with no problems whatsoever.

I've checked the scenery_packs.ini and everything's where it should. No idea how to get this sorted. The work is enormous to lose it now. Thanks

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Hi, can you include your scenery_packs.ini and a screenshot of your Custom_scenery folder?

If you want to send a link to your zipped package I can have a look at it.
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hi Guillaume! The file is out now and special thanks to you mate. Best
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Hi canario74,

Thank you very much for your credits, it's very nice of you.

I quickly read the comments :
- indeed, its very important to take the time and write down a clear readme file for presentation and instructions
- you shouldn't mention the default libraries in the list of required libraries
- it's always a good idea to include links to libraries
- world-models library always brings problems because there is a confusion between the Simheaven world-models library (used in W2XP) and the current world-models V0.8 you can download on I personally use none of them, just for that reason.
-if you want to create a version for X-plane 10.51, selecting 10.51 as a target in WED is not enough. You also need to develop the scenery directly inside x-plane 10.51 environment.

Congratulations for all the work you've achieved so far, the result is truly amazing and way beyond what's possible with W2XP and the OSM data currently available.

All the best to you.
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Hi again Guillaume,


1. I have a couple of questions people are asking me. The fp drop: is that normal? Is it on all computers? I don’t get any problems flying even the most populated areas...

2. Is there a way to erase all the log issues people get? Is it because I’ve done something wrong??

3. Is there a way to add some objects that are causing problems to CITY_Puerto without the user having to download the libraries? How can I do that?


Thank you in advance again!

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Hi canario74,

1. They mention a 40 to 4 fps drop. I find that very surprising. The only user who included his log.txt has a not very powerful machine that does not follow Laminar Research hardware requirements. So I wouldn't worry too much about that. That being said, one thing is sure, your scene contains a loooot of objects. When reaching that level of details, it can be interesting to have some objects being displayed only for certain levels of graphic settings. This can be done in WED.

2. Your scenery, as published, is only for x-plane 11. So trying to run it with x-plane 10.51 will give errors. To make it 10.51 compatible, it has to be developed inside X-plane 10.51 as I previously said.
The other errors come from world-models library, as I also mentioned before, which brings us to point 3.

3. Yes, and I would strongly advise to do so whith world-models and the other libraries you don't use a lot. X-publish will help you target at them.
To do so, place the library in your custom scenery, remove its library.txt file and modify the path in WED.
X-publish will then help you automatically remove the unused objects and compile a package to be shared.
If you choose to do this, it's very important to have the permission from the library authors, to redistribute them.
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Hi Guillaume! I’ve got yet another problem. With the permission of its developer, I imported the airport for the island I’m developing. At first everything went fine but all of a sudden, I had a crash with Wed and had to rename my airport. I named it Gran Canaria. Now I’m unable to edit any ramp start, as a matter of fact, there seem to be no ramp starts at all on WED and wed even tells me I need to create an airport before I can add one.. when I load X-Plane, everything seems fine and I can edit the airport objects as I like but on  the flight configuration it gives me the options for all the ramps the airport originally had to start a flight which is very annoying if you don’t know the real ones that don’t have static aircrafts on them. I Realize this almost ready to upload the job I've done, but when reviewing everything, I found no RAMP STARTS on WED. I wanted to make sure that no ramp start were where I've put some static aircraft but they seem to be gone. Do you by any chance know how to solve this problem without having to import this guy’s  airport again which would mean I would lose all the job I've done? :-S In fact, if I try to ADD a new ramp start, it says I need to create an airport first! O_O This is really odd... what solution do I have now to retake the airport data from the airport without losing my job and editing?


Could this all happen because I renamed the airport to the actual same name x-plane has for this location?

This was not happening before. I had erased all ramp starts for static aircrafts and only left those that were available. Thanks in advance!