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X-Plane 11 is failing to recognize my left hand unit of my Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas Yoke/Throttle System when I try to calibrate my controllers. The left hand unit includes the throttle and rudder. The system does not recognize their axis' at all. Is there any support out there for this, at this time?

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I believe X-Plane should recognize any flight hardware even if it doesn't come with pre -configured files for it.  What is the exact name displaying in the Joystick window? Have you checked under the view drop down to see if there is an "other controls" view that might correspond to what is missing?
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The name that displays in the joystick window is (T. Flight Hotas). I have checked every axis/label in the drop down menus. The right hand part of my setup is recognized (the roll and pitch axis), but the left hand part of my setup (throttle and rudder) isn't.

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I have the same issue running the latest beta. I assume you have a T-Flight Hotas 4 , not a T-Flight Hotas X. I am running a T-Flight Hotas 4 on OSX and it does not recognise the Throttle on the left hand unit , nor the Yaw on either the left hand unit nor the stick. All other buttons and controls are recognized. Other answers that solved issues seemed to be for the older X unit.
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I have the same problem, it recognises my T.16000m but the throttle element of the twcs (left hand) is not recognised in calibration.  You can see the bar moving on the screen behind the calibration window but not in the calibration. window itself. It's axis 7 if that helps.

Has anyone worked out the solution? I have just read on another forum it's a USB3.0 compatibility issue and if you move to USB 2 then it works... I will find out this evening