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 I've got the steam version of X-Plane and it worked perfectly until the 10.45 update when my Carenado  SkyLane G1000 stopped working after registration X-Plane would just quit, while on the demo from will work without issue (for 15min)

I've narrowed this down to either SASAL or X-Plane Steam edition but as It works with the demo I'm learning more towards Steam edition of X-Plane

I'm running a Debian Linux Testing Machine x64_86 


also how can I reset my X-Plane without deleting and reinstalling it all so I can at least use it with other aircraft


many thanks

Dick Thomas



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Hi Dick, 

Unfortunately, the Steam version is an entirely separate product than what we sell at, and support is handled by Aerosoft. Here is a link to their FAQ about X-Plane Steam (I think it has some info on troubleshooting) or you can also contact them at