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I have been a long time user of x-plane. When I migrated from version 9 to 10 (lost the original CD's) I elected to re-purchase x-plane through steam (BIG MISTAKE!!!!) . I am noticing several things. 1) when xplane upgrades and I re-launch through steam, the latest version does not show up, 2) I installed the 1900 Carenado into the "aircraft directory " but it does not show up. If I start x-plane app from within the x-plane directory it does recognize the plane  plus chat group and other things I have added but it is then looking for a cd or serial number, I assume because I did not start it through stream app which I expect is the key. As mentioned I regret doing this through stream however assume I have no option of reverting to X-plane without buying another licence? My questions, is there a different install procedure with Steam or specific file structure that must be maintained differently from what you folks support? Are upgraded to the steam version only available using steam or can x-plane proper update them. When I started the x-plane app within the x-plane directory, it offered an option to load the latest updates so I did, however the 10.42b version does not show up when starting x-plane from steam. Also, is there anyway I can move back to x-plane and eliminate steam all together without buying a whole new license?

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Hi kjarbour,

Support for the Steam version of X-Plane is handled by Aerosoft. Contact them at for additional assistance.

I did find this FAQ from Aerosoft which might address the plane not showing up issue. Item #4 explains how to install freeware & items not purchased through Steam. (You didn't say if you purchased the Carenado plane through Steam.)

X-Plane 10.42 should be the current final version on Steam. We are in beta testing on 10.45b2, but it is not available to Steam users yet. 

If you are interested in purchasing a different version of X-Plane, please contact [email protected] as we address these issues on a case by case basis.