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I'm having a problem getting the Steam Controller to work with X-Plane (64-bit, global edition). X-Plane is supposed to work with any DirectInput joystick, gamepad, etc., and that's what the Steam Controller is supposed to be emulating.  X-Plane works fine with all my wired USB gamepads, yokes, and sticks.

When I use a generic joystick/gamepad profile for the Steam Controller, X-Plane doesn't recognize it. The X-Plane calibration tab is blank, as if nothing's plugged in. Likewise, none of the controller buttons register on X-Planes's button-configuration tab.  Some controls and inputs do seem to pass keystrokes along to X-Plane, but not the keystrokes I configured it to send. The D-pad and the joystick both send keystrokes instead of stick inputs.  The right trackpad and left trigger do still emulate a mouse/trackball and associated left-click.  They are the only thing that works correctly.
This seems similar to a previously-posted Linux controller problem, but this is on Windows 8.1.  Any idea what may be happening?  Any way to get the Steam Controller to use the correct profile so it looks like a gamepad to X-Plane?

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I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about the Steam Controller or its profiles. In general, X-Plane 10 supports game controllers (such as an Xbox controller) to fly. 

Support for the Steam version of X-Plane is handled by Aerosoft. Contact them at for additional assistance.

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Thanks.  This isn't with the Steam version of X-Plane; I'm just using the Steam controller:

You can add any non-steam application you want to Steam if you want to use the controller.

Does X-Plane use Microsoft's XInput APIs?  That's the root question.  The Steam Controller looks like an XInput device to applications.  XInput is supposed to be backwards-compatible with the older DirectInput libraries, so if X-Plane uses DirectInput, it might still work.  Both are Microsoft-specific APIs.

I found an article here:

From three years ago that implies that X-Plane talks directly to the USB hardware, but this article is talking about Linux drivers and X-Plane 10.10.  If it's doing the same thing in the latest 64-bit PC version, then X-Plane might still work with a wired Xbox, but not the Steam Controller or wireless Xbox Elite controller.  Those supposedly need XInput.

Do you know if X-Plane is using Xinput or DirectInput in the PC version?  If not, then I don't think any wireless controller will work.  That's too bad.  Now that you're selling on Steam, you'll probably get this request more than once.  It'd be fun to go for a casual spin on the TV (via Steam Link) instead of the PC.

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