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Please help...Can someone who understands log files please take a look at mine and see if you can discover a problem I have been having.

The sim starts off great and then after app 15-20 minutes, I can see the aelirons shaking up and down(outside view) and the sim starts pausing as if its stuck. It will go as low a 5 fps and sometimes freeze. Most of the time it returns to normal. Thank you for any help. I am using the stock cessna 172 and a quad core alienware r3 laptop 32 gigs ram, geforce 1070 video card, win 10, latest updates on drivers, windows 10, and video card and the latest release of x-plane.

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I had a problem like this that was caused by my Imac failing. As the computer got hotter various things would happen. You can have two copies of X Plane on your system. I would recommend a a second copy with no addons whatsoever and see what happens.
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Thanks for the reply...Did my log file show anything unusual?   Thanks again...
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Not that I can see but that doesn't mean a lot. Try another copy and get a fan control program like fmc. That allows you to see the temp in real time.

As I say I have two copies of X-P and I only update one at a time. That is the end result of years of hard won experience.
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Thanks for the help...appreciate it....