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It does not matter what graphics settings I Choose I only get 7 fps. I have tried reinstalling (clean) and installing X-Plane4 times, as well as reinstalling windows 4 times.  This happened all of a sudden it worked fine and then I restarted x-plane and then bam 7 FPS. thread  Including X-Plane benchmarks

My Computer

Ryzen 1700

16 GB 3000MHZ Ram

GTX 1070

2tb hd for X-Plane and 512 GB SSD for OS 

2 Answers

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Hi dash2625,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Provided you are not running a steam version then complete a bug report.  Details can be found at

With the latest release of  XP11.30, there are many flight simmers who are experiencing drops in frame rates

The Steam version is a 3rd party hybrid taking a commercial advantage of the development work carried by Laminar Research.  If it is a steam version then take your problem back to steam.

Good luck


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It happens in both steam and standard versions I own both.
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Is it possible that you have contaminated each version with the other?

Because they are different packages they do not and will not mix and or match

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NO NO NO!I have not mixed them not at this point when the problem started.  They only thing that may have changed is that steam may have updated its version of the game but I left the standard X-plane 11 installation alone. in fact when I opened it to test it out it wanted an update from 11.25 to 11.3 which I denied and I still got horrible FPS  Also so you know the X-plane 11 installer will dected and update the x-plane 11 steam version and after it is done it will still work if it doesn't just verify local files to go back to standard steam version. the only thing that is different between the to are the .exe files.
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I would suggest you lodge a bug report.

Hope you find a solution soon.

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If you have low fps in both X-Plane 11.25 and X-Plane Steam 11.30, I would suspect graphic driver problems. Do a complete clean uninstall of your graphics driver. There is an app for Windows that removes every trace of graphics drivers. I have not used Windows for a long time but I found this "Display Driver Uninstaller":

It will do a clean uninstall. There are other apps similar for certain. You might know of or find something that suits you more. It does not matter if it is Nvidia or AMD drivers, Follow the instruction on that site to clean uninstall then re install. I hope this fixes your fps in X-Plane.