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I recently upgraded my video card to a 2 gig vram model. This did not help to reduce the time to load X-Plane. I was talking with my son who is an avid X-Plane user and he said there is no way to RESTRICT airports or regions/countries from loading or even classes of aircraft to say only HEAVY for instance.

The developers should stop with more details and aircraft and focus on fixing or adding two basis features that would go a long way to the enjoyment of X-Plane:

1. Allow the restricted loading based on Country or region as well as aircraft type.

2. Fix, for once and for all, the loading PROGRESS bar indicator so it represents the actual progress. That way I will be able to see if I have time to make a sandwich or get a cup of JOE or even have time to go shopping before X-Plane is ready for me to grab the yoke. (a little sarcastic but serious.)

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As a computer engineer I am FULLY aware of the "Work Around" you are suggestion. However, it would be awfully inconvenient or even impossible for the computer illiterate pilot, if they cane figure what you suggest means. I, with my computer experience, would not find altering the content of the scenery and aircraft folders acceptable given the otherwise very high quality of the program.


Please reconsider my suggestion seriously.


C. Riley

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Thank you for your feedback.

You can restrict what X-Plane has access to to load by removing the folders. Having only "water world" will load much faster than having the actual scenery installed. Having any scenery installed at any area you want to fly in though will still load slowly. You can do the same with the aircraft by deleting or moving them out of the Aircraft folder. X-Plane won't see them to use them, but loading planes should only be an issue if you are using AI aircraft and have them randomized every load. They will be replaced by the installer anytime you update though.