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So X-Plane 10 itself is really fast, but when I try to click on something in the cockpit it becomes very slow. Also when I move my mouse to the top of the screen to select one of the menus, it becomes very slow as well. Why is this happening when the system itself runs perfectly?


James Muir

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Hi James,

I've sometimes seen problems with the menus right after I start X-Plane if it's still loading or reading the disc. Does it go away after a while? Are you using a highly-detailed third party plane? Sometimes those can really bog down the simulator. 

Here is a detailed explanation on another question of some graphic things to watch out for if it seems slow.

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No it doesn't matter how long after I open X-plane, it always does it. It doesn't matter what kind of plane I use also, what else can I do?

Thanks for all the help


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