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X-plane 10 is taking hours (I think at times up to 7 hours) to load, or close windows such as the map.

When finally running it is operating perfectly, so I believe the specs should be fine.

I have Intel Core I&-3770 at 3.4GHz, 8 Gb RAM, 64 bit operating system with x64 based processor, Intel HD Graphics 4000

How could I fix the problem?

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install second copy no scenery try that it should open right up. Had the same problems dell 5537 i7 4500 intel cpu     .then try original copy
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Hi, Is X-Plane up and running at the moment?
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Yes, but it is frozen (not responding) on the map page for the last couple of hours. I'm just waiting to see if it pulls through.

Prior to opening the map, I flew a 30 minute flight with no problems, apart from the extended loading time.
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Hi, Thanks for the update! That does not sound right. Would you please send in your log.txt file? Thanks!
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Here's the log file:

The same thing was happening to the demo load of X-plane 10, with or without added aircraft. The latest is the DVD install, and I also have a HASP usb stick in as well.

Thanks so much for your help!