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Good day!

I've been having extremely low FPS in XPlane 11.26 (freshly downloaded yesterday with no addons) with my computer setup.  I have no clues if I configured something wrong but I just can't get any of the recommended FPS listed in the manual.

In order to troubleshoot the issue, I downgraded all graphic options in XPlane to the lowest possible options (even removed parked airplanes, etc).   I enabled the function to display FPS within XPlane and when I start a new flight, my FPS ranges between 11 to 17 FPS.  

My computer setup is as followed:

  • Intel i7 8700K 6 cores
  • Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 MB
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1080 Ti SC
  • 2x Samsung 960 M2 drives (RAID 0)
  • 1x 1GB Hitachi HD
  • 1x 500GB Seagate HD
  • 1x 34in LG  Ultrawide monitor (2560 x 1080)
  • 2x 19in Philips monitors (1280 x 1024)
  • Windows 10 Home (64 bits) updated at the latest possible version as of this morning...

As you can see, I believe with the hardware currently listed above, I should be able to obtain much better FPS.  I understand that XPlane does not support SLI operations but even with one GTX 1080 Ti, I should be able to get FPS in the very high ranges when I have every graphical options turned off, not in the 11 to 17 FPS range!

Any help would be extremely appreciated!



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Set the resolution in the graphics options in x-plane to 1080 for your monitor and try it again....I bet its either this or a bad nvidia driver for your card.

Trying to play in 4k or anything higher than 1080 and its a crapshoot....Good Luck
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Good evening!

Unfortunately, the drivers are the most up-to-date drivers for the video card (399.07) so this is not the solution.  Changing the resolution of my 34in ultrawide monitor is also not a solution...  it is already in 1080 (height) but the width is 2560 instead of 1920.  If I chance this resolution, I get black bars on each side of my large monitor which creates a huge gap between my monitors.

So I did few testings to see if I could get a bit more of FPS.  After reading numerous documents online, I hard-enabled the SLI in Alternate Frame Processing mode and changed few other options when launching X-Plane as X-Plane does not know how to handle SLI by default.  I also increased all the graphical options to the following settings:

  • Visual Effects: High
  • Texture Quality: Max (No Compress)
  • AA: 2x SSAA+FXAA
  • Number of World Objects: Max
  • Reflection: Low (only because I prefer that type of reflection on water)
  • Enabled Parked Airplanes
When I start a flight, the game runs really smooth with amazing graphics.  

I have noticed the FPS counter in X-Plane provides a FPS count totally different than the FPS counter provided by NVIDIA.  I'm not too sure why but the FPS in the X-Plane box  are much lower than indicated in the NVIDIA OSD (between 7 to 14 compared to 38 to 46).  I even further tested this by running the Heaven Benchmark tool and both FPS in the NVIDIA OSD and the benchmark tool were identical...  I'm not sure why there is such a gap?!?  Maybe because of the SLI???  

I've also noticed that my flights were starting with 19 AI airplanes!!!  As soon as I removed most of them (only kept 4), I gained few FPS there too...

I was hoping to get higher FPS with the rig I have but this is acceptable for now.  I will keep on playing with few options here and there to see if I could gain few FPS without losing image quality.