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Now we have an X-plane 11 new update.
I really hoped that you will resolve low-fps problem, but you didn't.

So then there's a question. What did you do all this time since the first beta was released? You had a lot of messages and reports of low fps. What exactly new we have in the new version? Do we have better optimization? No. We haven't it at all. You guys (LR) have really fallen in my eyes. Shame to you!

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Hi there ColliFlyer,

I do understand your frustration of the matter, but we have to look at it realistically. Laminar Research have received   many bug reports over the few weeks of current Beta, and low fps is on top of there currently known bugs, but they're still optimising rendering and it may take a while until that optimising is finalised, where they'll feel comfortable to put it into a Beta version or slip it into final release.
If you'd like a full list of X-Plane 11.00 Release Notes, Beta Updates, Known Bugs and more, please visit this page here.

I hope I was able to help.


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