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X-Plane 10.51

Installed under C:/Users/Michael/X-Plane

Any scenery, but currently at LOS ANGELES

(area of central and northern Los Angeles, SMO, BUR and VNY in standard FS-resolution of 4.7m/pixel. (c) 2006 Gottfried Razek gottfriedrazek@yahoo.com)


i7 3930K, 3.2 GHz

EVGA GTX 1080 FTW (just upgraded from GTX 970), with 376.33 driver

WIN 10, latest update: Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3206632)

I realize this scenery is very demanding, and that’s why I upgraded to the 1080, hoping for some gain in FPS. Unfortunately, no change. With both CPU (under Task Manager) and GPU (under GPU-Z) showing very low loads (GPU at 20%, CPU at 13%), there is no improvement for FPS. What am I missing?

I'm attaching log.txt, in game screenshot with fps info, rendering settings screenshot

Tags: gtx 1080, frame rate, fps, performance

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

imageDownload file


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IMHO openion, your 1080 is over killer in respect to your CPU & Mainboard ..... go here to learn a bit about relation between the 3 components



scroll down a bit until you get to the section of the GPU


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Thank you, Yair1956. When I read online, most people say the 3930k is still a very powerful processor, and even though the GPU is now better/faster, shouldn't I at least get higher fps, since the CPU is quite good?
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Figured out the problem, I think, although not solved.

Now, assigning separate views, which is why I REALLY want to get XP11, will not work for me, and I wonder if anyone can help? I did try the GTX 1080 with my system, but to my surprise, NO change from the GTX 970. It's my CPU (3930k) that's limiting, but that's NOT the actual issue, I believe.

Here some FPS comparisons (C172 on runway at KSEA with Demo XP11):

* All settings to minimal (left), with 4 screens
- windowed mode (3 monitors unused, stretching the one monitor to three screens across and 1 below): 42 fps
- 4 separate views (assign left, right, and bottom monitors different views, the new feature for V 11): 16 fps (why so low? no change in any settings except the separate monitors)

* Settings as follows
Visual Effects HDR
Texture Quality High
Antialias 2x SSAA+FXAA
World Objects Medium
Reflection Medium
NO shadows and NO parked aircraft
- windowed mode: 21 fps (would be acceptable for me with my current system)
- 4 separate views: 9 fps (why only 9? Why can't it be above 20 as well???)

I spent the last few days trying to figure out a solution, but unable to, because my issue is not low frame rates all the time, it's just low when opening another view on another screen (instead of stretching it). Maybe, and I hope that, it's just something that can easily be fixed. I don't think the sim should need to use more resources with multiple monitor views as opposed to one monitor stretched. Am I right?

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I have the same problem with an Asus GTX 770 card. The GPU Usage is over 90% at game startup with over 40 FPS but drops down dramatically to 20% GPU Usage and 5 FPS it I click or move arounf to wide on the screen... It look as the GPU is stoping to work after a while... If I open a new window, it drops too.

The problems are in Windowed mode. If I open the game in Full Screen mode, I don't have access to my mouse on screen...
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The X-P 11 Public Beta 8 has a great improvement on Nvidia GTX 1080 Card!

FPS Did really increase, and I have increased all graphic setting and be still over fps 25 on 3 screens.


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