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After many hours of frustration last night, I was finally able to get X Plane 10 to install with the basic scenery packages. This morning I popped disc 1 in and proceeded to use the executable Linux Install file that I had used last night to install the additional scenery for North and South America. The installer refused to see that disc 1 was in fact in my dvd-rom drive. No big deal, this happened last night, I'll just delete the installer and log file and recopy it from disc 1 to my home folder. This time it saw disc 1 but it quickly asked for disc 2 (since the scenery I needed had already installed from that disc last night),so I promptly put disc 2 in the drive. The continue button remained greyed-out even after putting disc 2 in. So I thought maybe I needed the updated Installer/Updater file from your website, so I downloaded that and tried again. This time it recognized disc 1, but it again failed to see that disc 2 was in the drive, no matter how many times I clicked the Continue button. What gives? This is easily the most frustrating piece of software I've ever purchased. Please help!

For reference, my X Plane 10 discs all say "10.32r1" on them. Thanks!

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Just to make sure, does your computer recognize the DVD? When you insert DVD 1 or 2 does it show up on the desktop or in the file viewer? If not, it could be an issue with your disc drive.

Are you trying to install more scenery? It sounds like you have installed X-Plane and some scenery, so all you need to do to use the sim is insert DVD 1 into the drive and then start X-Plane. You will only need the other DVDs at this point if you want to add more scenery.
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Yes, the computer recognizes the DVD.

I was able to get X-Plane installed with the pre-selected scenery packages, but when I went to install additional scenery later, it wouldn't recognize anything other than disc 1 during the installation. When the installer asked for disc 2, I was getting a notification in Linux that I had inserted a disc, but the X-Plane installer couldn't "see it". I believe this is an issue in the X-Plane Linux installer itself, as I was able to install X-Plane AND the additional scenery packages on Windows 7 with no issues whatsoever. I also found that the CH Pro Pedals and my graphics card weren't recognized at all by X-Plane on Linux. It became an issue of compatibility at that point, and putting Windows 7 back on my machine was really the only way for me to use the USB pedals and yoke with X-Plane. :\ Despite it not working properly in the Linux environment, it seems to function flawlessly under Windows 7!
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I don't have a Linux system to check it out personally, but please file a bug here so someone can look into it further. Please be as specific as possible in the steps you take (i.e., download installer from, launch it, click continue, etc)  and include a copy of your installer log.txt file (found on the desktop).