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I have a problem with my x-plane. if I want to start up in the area around manchester, as soon as I want to start here I get the following message: 

error loading the scenery package: resources / default scenery / airport scenery /

x-plane cannot run with this package installed - you may need to reinstall x-plane. please see the log.txt file for detailed error information.

I have reinstalled x-plane once but without result.

I have also already copied the full brochure of the airport scenery from another simulator that does work, but also without result.

it also happened suddenly, from one day to the next I got this message and the sim crashed.

I hereby also send you the log.txt of the moment my sim gives the message and then crashes.

please help me!!!

I literally have no ideas how to solve it.

this link is the log.txt

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Hey! Thanks for sending in your log. I would recommend that you open the X-Plane Installer application and choose "Update X-Plane". That should replace anything that is missing or damaged in your default scenery. Let me know if that fixes this for you!
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I have almost the same problem.

"There was a problem the scenery package: Custom Scenery/KLAX_v2 with 750 Animations/ The scenery may not look correct. Please see the Lod.txt for detailed error information"

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hi, i have update x-plane but still the same error.

how next?

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That is odd! Does this error cause a crash each time you run the sim?
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Yes when flying around egcc (Manchester), white a range to Dublin.

Only in this particular area.

When using the sim on different locations it does not have any problems.
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Interesting! Would you please try uninstalling the custom scenery package "EGCC Manchester Airport" and trying again? Thanks!