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Hi all,

I am trying to update the panel for the SF50, by means of updating the 3 touch panels with many pages and realistic control functions. This I can do in Plane Maker.

I would also like to modify the G1000 instrument itself in order to adapt the bezel, get rid of all buttons, move the radio controls into the touch panels and so on. This is the hard part!

You could say I'm editing everything I can to make the SF50 cockpit as realistic as possible for training purposes.

Thank you all for showing me where and how I can edit the G1000 instrument itself.

Best regards,


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Hi Jan

I am not with Laminar Research or Sim Innovations; just a flight simmer.

Have a look at a product called Air Manager from Siminnovations in the Netherlands.  This may be the way to solve your problems.

If so the have a look at the Youtube videos on the subject found at  These videos deal with many modifications including the G1000.

Good luck.


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Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your comment! Checked out Air Manager, looks very nice for 2D panels, but I really want to modify the panel in the 3D cockpit, to make it realistic with my 3D Oyssey goggles (and increase the font a little bit on the PDF for better readability).

I'm going to search in the barlow youtube videos to see if they can help me any further.

Thanks for the leads!