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Hello, i am deciding to move to X-Plane.

I downloaded the X-Plane 11 DEMO to try it but its impossible to fly due the high sensitivity! I already changed the sensitivity but nothing changes. How can I fix it?

I use Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick and works perfectly in Prepar3D once I reduce the Null zones to 0.

Thank you!

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This is a lil'secret but (!) we have null-zones/performance curves coming in v11.30! ;-) That should make this much better for you!
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Hi Pedro,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

When you installed the joystick did you use the software supplied with the unit or did you do the installation through X-Plane?

If you used the supplied Logitec  software, you have to perform a complete deletion and ensure it is totally removed and then configure the joystick through X-Plane.  Use no 3rd party software.  It may work with other flight simulation packages eg P3D, but not too well with X-Plane, especially with XP11.

Hope this helps

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Hi Glenn,

I don't use the Logitech Software. I just let the windows to install the drivers. Do you think that I need to uninstall the drivers and then install the Logitech softaware and configure in X-Plane ou just uninstall and configure direct in X-Plane?
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Hi Pedro

My apologies for not making the following reference to you when I provided an answer to your question.

The link you need to watch can be found at  Uninstall everything and reinstall as Michael Brown has advised.  

Michael runs a company that specialises in the building of PCs predominantly for X-Plane.  Laminar Research recommends Michael's company as the only PC supplier in the USA

Good luck


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Hi Glenn

I'm going to try it, thank you soo much!

I'll take this opportunity to ask one more question. For example in the King Air C-90, is there a way to "open" the Auto Pilot panel like a window?

And the last question, is there a possibility to change all the commands and leave the same as in prepar3d?

Thank you Glenn!
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Hi Pedro,

Have a look at the following links at  or  These may help.

The following link may help in what you want to do with respect to the King Air.  It can be found at

My understanding of what you want to achieve cannot be done.  P3D is a completely different package to X-Plane.  It does not match.

Hope this helps further