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I have recently ordered a new Alienware computer tower and monitor so I can run X-Plane 11

at the best possible speed and best graphics. I have many saved FMC flight plans in the current

X-Plane 11 FMC folder. When I install X-Plane into the new super computer can I just copy

these FMC files from the folder and place them in the new FMC folder ? I would think since

it’s the exact same installation and the folders are the same and the extension is the same

that  I could just copy them and move them. Is this possible ? Will they be recognized ?

Thanks for your time,


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Hey John! Congrats on your new system! For sure - just copy the contents of your Output -> FMS Plans to the new system and you should be good to go. Let me know if you run into any trouble here!
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High John,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Further to the comment from Thomson (from Laminar Research) if your X-Plane product is not a 3rd party hybrid like Steam and you have installed X-Plane onto the desktop or a dedicated drive of your current PC, all you need to do is copy the full/complete X-Plane directory onto your new system via a USB stick or a portable drive to a dedicated location of your choice.  I understand steam does a strange installation compared to the official version from Laminar Research.

"Everything" should then work.  No need to reinstall X-Plane or carry out a partial copy/transfer of files.  The integrity of what you have created on your existing PC will then be maintained.  A time saver.

Good luck with your new machine.


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Thanks Glenn

But the new system just arrived and I transferred my FMS plans onto s USB stick and uninstalled X-Plane 11 entirely from the desktop. I have the 8 installation Discs and will make a clean install in the Alienware tower.

Thanks for your interest and advise