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My friend having issue with joystick Logitech Extreme 3D PRO. That joystick is normally working in windows and in other games and sims but not in Xplane. It normally worked but maybee one month back it stopped working and Xplane cannot see that joystick anymore. We tried a lot of forums but nobody helped.

There is photo of that issue.

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i got the same problem too, can someone help us
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The same with me since yesterday, Oct 12th.
Regardless of some notes/tips concerning a Saitek/Logitech driver issue ("not working in X-Plane) I would like to underline that it just worked fine for month till yesterday. Suddenly X-Plane tells me "No flight controls found" (as mentioned exactly by Allsamgar) too ...?

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Same issue here, but with my Thrustmaster T-flight rudder pedals. They've worked fine for months but since today (October 13, 2018) they cannot be found by X-plane 11 (Steam version). My PC recognizes them just fine, and they work in other programs. My Oculus touch controllers work fine with X-plane 11.
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Same exact issue here - Using Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X.  Was working flawlessly for a month. now all of a sudden it is not detected.

Joystiick works fine in Microsoft Flight Sim, and its detected in Windows Devices area.

We do have a Mixed Realtiy VR headset we used to play the game and it works well, but we wanted to get back to using these controllers instead.

We made sure the joystuck is in the PC mode.  We even exchanged the joystick with the manufacturer and it has same issue.

In addition we uninstalled and reinstalled the Windows drivers - tried updating drivers - no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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This worked for me (X-plane 11 Steam version)

"Open STEAM Client:

Goto Menu....

Steam> Settings

Click on "General Controller Settings"

Disable (Untick) "Generic Gamepad Configuration Support"

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This worked for me (X-Plane 11 Steam version)

"Open STEAM Client"

Got to Menu....


Click on "General Controller Settings"

Disable (Untick) "Generic Gamepad Configuration Support"

This from a user on forum. I couldn't copy paste a link.
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Yeah this is it :)
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its worked, thank you mate
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I fixed the issue.

I had to go to Steam configuration and deselect "Generic Gamepad configuration support" settings.
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Hi! It sounds like this may be a Logitech driver issue. I would recommend that you try updating these. Let me know if this solves the issue!

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Nope we tried that 2 times but nothing.
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Hi Allsamgar,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

As you have indicated you have updated the Saitek/logitech software on two occasions. This is probably your problem.  Logitech software does not work in X-Plane.  Get rid of it.  Make sure you carry out a complete/total removal and clean out.

When completed install and calibrate the joystick in X-Plane itself. Read the manual if need be or watch the flight school videos found when you initially start X-Plane.   Don't go anywhere near Windows or your PC operating system.  Your joystick should work when installed through X-Plane

If not convinced have a look at the following link from Michael Brown which can be found at  Michael builds PCs predominantly for X-Plane and has done so for many years.  His company is the recommended PC builder/supplier by Laminar Research within the USA.

As a sideline issue delete any other Logitech software for instruments and use the following software found at  and also look at which may give you details for your own aircraft.

Good luck.


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That's not working... Any other solutions ?
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To all having a joystick problem,

Attach your log.txt file so others with a greater knowledge base than me may be able to detect the problem as we are all "clutching at straws" to find a solution having tried the simplest of solutions.

The file version to use is immediately after shut down or the system crashes.

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Glenn, where would I find this log.txt file?  Please provide path.
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Didn't see way to attach log file here, so link to a log file of someone with this exact same issue.