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     For the last two days I have been trying to fix this problem with X-plane but to no avail.  I have looked through forums and youtube videos each fix not working for me, removing addons, custom scenery and preferences has not changed anything for me. I have verified the integrity of the game files on steam every time I try something new but still nothing. The crash happens as the loading bar for a flight approaches the end, right before it loads the game crashes and the pop-up "X-plane 11 has stopped working" shows up. 

Here is the log file that shows up after it crashes.

I hope this problem can get resolved soon and I thank anyone in advance for their help.

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I would recommend that you update your graphics drivers. It sounds like these may be out of date and causing you issues. You can find some instructions for that here:

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i bet thats the issue that happened to me before to
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it may be because your hard drive isn't good enough, i got a ssd and it now works great
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I've been using the same setup since I have gotten X-plane and have had no issues until this point, I don't believe it is my hard drive and my drivers for my gpu are updated.
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try contacting laminar

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