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I have just purchased and downloaded x plane 11 on disc as steam edition had the same following problem. When I start the game takes a very long time to load (about 3 hours) when it does load the starting Cessna is there but when I press main menu and start a new flight all the icons are question marks. When commencing from this it doesn’t load. Please help with this

Thanks in advance

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My system does meet the requirements but only has 7.89 Gb of RAM out of the installed 8. Will this have an effect. If so how do I get more RAM thanks
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By the way I am running Windows 10

Thanks again
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If anyone else has had I similar problem I have managed to fix the game. Through bios switch graphics card from auto to your graphics card (mine was HD intel) this gives an instant fix smiley

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Hi Harry,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

One issue with the installation process is to ensure your antivirus software is turned off or deactivated.

The 8GB or RAM you currently have is the minimum requirement.  Adding additional RAM will certainly assist with operating speed as X-Plane relies on RAM speed and capacity, processor speed and graphics card speed.  You need to talk to your local computer shop for increased RAM capacity.  I would suggest a minimum increase to 16 Gb.  In doing so however, you need to ensure the RAM chips are exactly the same brand and speed as you will most likely get compatibility issues.  Go for at least a mid range chip speed.  If your motherboard can utilize DDR4  RAM then go for this rather than DDR3 RAM as this type has a slower upper speed level and has been superseded.

Generally the processor has the ability to be overclocked as the load is increased as well.  Overclocking the graphics card also assists when the load increases.

Hope this helps and you are able get a quick resolution to the boot-up speed.

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Thanks Glenn I will give that a go

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No security system is stopping it and I have left the game loading but still not loading in an expected time. Do you have any other ideas. Thanks In advance

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Hello again

Would this be a problem:

0:00:29.385 E/NET: Download failed with error: 6 for URL

I have got this from the log.txt

Following is some of the log.txt at the end of the file:

0:00:29.385 E/NET: Download failed with error: 6 for URL
0:00:29.713 E/NET: Download failed with error: 6 for URL
0:00:29.713 D/STM: Transitioning from state state_InitialLoading to state_QuickFlightWizard
0:00:29.713 I/WIN: Opened window Primary V11 UI
0:00:29.900 E/NET: Download failed with error: 6 for URL
0:00:29.919 E/NET: Download failed with error: 6 for URL
0:00:40.629 E/NET: Download failed with error: 6 for URL
0:00:46.981 I/FCG: Applying changes from Flight Configuration screen
0:00:46.981 I/FCG: Starting new flight in Aircraft/Laminar Research/Boeing B737-800/b738.acf at Runway 05R
0:00:47.000 W/ATC: Found overlapping airports with overlapping controller freqs at KCEA and KIAB!
0:00:47.000 W/ATC: Rewrote KAHN atc_ControllerRole_Del's freq: 13395 to 11800 for being in conflict!
0:00:47.000 W/ATC: Rewrote KCEA atc_ControllerRole_Twr's freq: 12725 to 11802 for being in conflict!
0:01:11.573 D/STM: Transitioning from state state_QuickFlightWizard to state_NormalLoading
0:01:11.573 I/ACF: Loading airplane number 0 with Aircraft/Laminar Research/Boeing B737-800/b738.acf
Fetching plugins for C:\Users/HAM/Desktop/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/Boeing B737-800/plugins

Loaded: C:\Users/HAM/Desktop/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/Boeing B737-800/plugins/xlua/64/win.xpl (com.x-plane.xlua.1.0.0r1).

thanks again



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Hi Harry,

Not able to help any further.  Beyond my X-Plane 11 knowledge base.

Hope you find the answer