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Hi guys,

On a newish Win 10 OS I have just installed x-plane 10 from disks and running updates using the seperate installer (not direct install from CDs)

Wow, how slow can you go. States it is downloading from Highwinds CDN, 1 server and downloads speed shows at 0 with in excess of 600 hours left to go. I can see files ticking over very slowly but this is ridiculous.

Speeds at the start were as high as 300+ and completion was to be within the hour. But now blah!

If I stop it, will I have to redownload everything again and can I tweak something to improve this chocking performance?



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Depending on where in the update it stopped, you may not be able to fly X-Plane, but you will not need to reinstall everything. Try running the installer again and picking the update. It will scan your files to see what's missing/needs an update and will pick up where it left off.

Hopefully it was a single glitch and a second attempt will go successfully.
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If you continue to have problems with downloading an update, here is a troubleshooting step to take:

1. Who provides your internet?

2. How fast does that say your download and upload are?

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Thanks jroberts for your reply. Got it sorted after sitting on update with 605 hours showing to complete. I stopped it and turned off my firewall and Eset Nod32 virus protection. Restarted the installer, choose to overwrite files and got things done in about 1 hour. Speeds fluctuated wildly from 1650Kbs down to 5Kbs but lower speeds were infrequent. All is well now and flying happily. Thanks.

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What did the update do, because it just might of been a big update.