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Will it be possible in version 11.30 for third party developers to make the glass instruments pop out and dragged to different displays?

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Hi Danny,

I am not with Laminar Research or Simminnovations; just a flight simmer.

Based on what my interpretation is regarding your question the good news is you can already "undock" instruments within version 11.26.

My comments are based on your operating system is Windows 10 and you have purchased X-Plane through Laminar Research as a digital download.

I have no interest in or do I support a steam version as steam is a 3rd party product not created by Lamina Research.  Will what I am about to suggest to you work for a Mac system?  Don't know.

Firstly have a look at the Youtube videos produced by Michael Brown from XForcePC.  Michael builds flight simulation PCs predominantly for the Laminar Research version of X-Plane.  Laminar Research recommends XForcePC as the supplier of PCs capable of running X-Plane within the USA.  The first link you could watch is  As this video does not provide full details of "how to do it" have a look at the full listing of videos from Michael  found at

You will need to watch some of these videos to find the information ie how to undock and move to another screen.  The details are imbedded within the videos.  The first link I have provided above is part of the videos in the second link.

Now, the following link is from Russ Barlow.  He is part of the development team associated with Simminnovations or the product known as Air Manager.  In this link a number of his videos demonstrate the undocking of instruments.  The link can be found at  You will need to spend some time watching these videos to see what it is all about.  Russ has a number of videos whereby he "undocks" items.  The process is also imbedded within the videos.  Russ does have a number of videos with the subject heading using the word "popout"

As my flight simulator is on another PC I cannot provide more detailed instructions on how to do it.   However what I can remember is that you need to have a separate screen to where you want to undock a particular item and by use your mouse you need to click on the top right hand corner of X-Plane when running.  It is all about creating a "window" and then moving that window to another screen.

As part of your questions asks about third party products having the capability for "popouts" you need to ask the direct question of the developers. This is not the forum to ask about their product capabilities and for Laminar Research to accommodate that request.  Purchase a 3rd party product to see if it works.  

The videos from Michael or Russ may use a 3rd party product/aircraft.  If they do then your problem is solved.

Happy researching/viewing and hope this is what you want.


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Hi Glenn, many thanks for your very detailed comment. More or less this is what I was hoping for. I am restoring a 757 cockpit to work with X plane. I plan on using  Flight Factors 757 v2 as my platform. I don't have that add on yet as I am hoping that I can pop out the glass instruments much like the Level D 767 on FSX and Prepared 3d and move to seperate monitors. Just like these videos you suggested. Thanks again Glenn.