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Hello, dear XPlane Team. How are you?

I am an authorized Retailer in Brazil and many customers are reporting issues during the installation of XPlane 11 DVD.

Some of them can not run the Disk 2, but after copying the disk´s content to a folder at HDD they were able to install the simulator.

The most recent issue we are facing is regarding the Installer.exe. The installer simply crashes after selecting the language at Windows 10 PCs. We´ve tried at Windows 10 SL and Professional, both unsuccessfully. We have also tried by running as administrator and in Windows 7 Compatibility mode, but it didn´t worked.

Just to confirm if it was or not a DVD ROM problem, we copied all the DVD 1 content to a folder (C:\Xplane Install) and executed the file; but unfortunately the same issue happened.

Could you please give a hand at this issue?
Thanks in advance for all the support.

Kind Regards,

Davi Rosa.

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Hello David Rosa,

your problem sounds quite like what occured to me aswell. I managed to get the other DVD's running by not starting the installer using Disc 1. After I used the downloadable demo-installer found on under the "try it" section, it also asked me to insert DVD 1 (to provide the installer evidence that I owned the full simulator), but after the files on this DVD were installed I could simply insert DVD 2 after it asked me to switch the DVD's. By using the downloadable installer I managed to get the installation running smoothly every time.

I hope I could help you with my experience!



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Hi Davi, I am sorry that you are having trouble here! Would you please send us your Installer Log file so that we can take a look? Thanks!

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Hello Thomson, thank you for the response.

Is there any e-mail address so that I could send the log file please?
Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,
Davi Rosa.
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Hey Davi - For sure! [email protected] is the best way to send it in. Please include a bit of explanation as well! Thanks!
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Hello Thomson, how are you doing?
We have downloaded the X-Plane 11 Installer from the website ( and it has solved the issue.

It seems some failure happened to the media or duriing the recording process on DVD, but with the "Demo" installation file, the installation process has worked.

Thanks a lot for your support and patience.
Have a nice weekend.

Kind Regards,
Davi Rosa.