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Hello, was hoping I could get a little help on an issue regarding FPS.  I recently upgraded my GPU from an AMD R9 280 to an AMD RX 580 (8gig) and I've seen some nice improvements in terms of FPS on some other games.
When flying the Jardesign A320 on low graphic settings I get around 19FPS on the old card, with the new card its around 20-21FPS.  Flying the X-Plane default aircraft the new card gives me about a 5 FPS bump.  Anyone else have any experience with this card/jardesign plane?  Thanks for your input.  

System SpecS
Intel Core i5-4430
GPU: AMD RX 580 (8gig)
1440 monitor
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Maybe you are Cpu bottlenecked. Many games respond differently to new hardware, and maybe xplane cannot really use more CPU. please attach picture of inbuilt fps counter so we can find out.

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