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When trying to open an existing aircraft in PlaneMaker to edit features, the program hangs now allowing anything further to be selected, after a while the screen becomes blank/black.

This then needs to be closed using the Task manager.

Using Plane Maker 11.26r2 (build 112601 64-bit)

Windows 10.0 (build 17134/2)
This is a 64-bit version of Windows.
CPU type: 8664

on Dell Laptop.

Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Can you upload a log
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I have exactly the same problem. As soon as I click File/Open it hangs and I have to use Task Manager to close. It has been like this since initial install of XP11. Now using 11.26.



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I eventually solved my issue. The moral of the story is don’t believe what Windows is telling you when it comes to drivers. I manually updated my graphics driver even though windows said I already had the best driver installed and my issue was fixed. Now also running xp 11.36.

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