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I am using Windows 10 with 2 video cards a GForce 1080 where Oculus Rift is plugged in and a 1060 where my monitor is plugged in.

X-Plane 11 loads fine without VR selected but then upon selecting and restarting PC it hangs after starting and loads up to "Loding VR..." (50% progress bar) and 2 images then show up and it seems to switch back and forth between the 2. Both stuck at 50% never getting any further - Rift shows loading message - "If this takes a long time..."  I have let it run for an hour but it never gets past this. I have to kill it in Task List.
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I plugged in my monitor to the 1080 card, same card my Oculus was plugged into and it worked!!

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XPlane must not work with monitor plugged into a different card.

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