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It Gets annoying, Whenever i launch X Plane 11.30 BETA Demo, it always says this:

There was a problem processing a GLSL Pixel Shader

You may need to rerun the installer or update your graphics drivers




Ive done everything it said to do in the message, nothing works.


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Hi Timepro,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

A beta version is not a demo version.  It is currently made available for public use by flight simmers who have an intimate knowledge of how x-plane works externally and internally.  Once bugs are fixed then it will be available for general use.

if you are one of those users then I suggest you file a bug report which will be of benefit to users like me who waits on the official release of 11.30  If you are not then I respectfully suggest you leave it alone.

Are you a steam user?  In recent times in this forum there have been steam users wanting to upgrade to 11.30.  They are wasting their time as the official Laminar Research version of x-plane will not and does not mix with steam.  Steam will only make it available days after when the official version has been released for general public use.  Steam is a 3rd party hybrid of X-Plane taking a commercial advantage of the development work performed by Laminar.  There is no link of any description between both parties.

As said above if you are not a steam user then file a bug report.

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Nah Bro, Steam sucks. I got it from the original Site

I deleted my previous X Plane 11 before due to crazy lag not resolvable, Then i downloaded it back, But this time, I updated it as well. And it gave me 11.30 Beta with the demo

I think I broke the system you can saycheeky