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XPlane 11 is running jerky and the running frame rate is intermittant between 7 and 30. OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and has been running fine previous. No further applications or executables have been installed since the problem occurred. Try re-installing to no avail. 255GB are free on my local drive. Graphics card is a NVIDIA GTX 970. I've tried unchecked all the boxes, set the sliders in all different positions and makes no difference. I'm not overly computer literate so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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What are you computer's specs? 970 is not very good but it should run xplane on medium setting just fine. Can't tell anything when i don;t know what cpu you have and how much ram.
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i am running win 7 ultimate 64 bit

processor inttelcore(tm) 17-3820 cpu @ 3.6 ghz 8 cpu -3ghz

Memory 16.384 mb ram

page file 3738 mb used 28973 available