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Hello, I Just yesterday bought x plane 11 and before that i had downloaded the demo. in the demo of x plane 11, My frame rate was in the 40s on medium settings, and it looked good so i bought the game. However when i installed the game, My frame rate on MINIMUM settings was in the range of 5-10fps. Not to mention any other higher settings. In the system requirements, it said that the demo would perform exactly the same as the full game. However this is clearly not the case, since in the demo i got 45 average fps, and in the full game i got 5 fps average.

Please Help me on this or give me my $59.99 back, since i was fooled by the demo into thinking i had a good enough pc to run the game.

My PC specs are


Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 4M Cache Overclocked to 3.1GHZ

Nvidia Geforce GT710 2GB GDDR3 Overclocked

1TB SSHD + 32GB Intel Optane Boost

I understand now that these are not good enough specs to play X-Plane 11 But i would not have bought the game in the first place if it were not for the demo.If you refund me you can take my license away as well since i cant run the game.

Thank You, Please give me my money back.


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it might be because you didn't have full scenery downloaded

try deleting all scenery but the US
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Hi Nat - The demo and full version is the exact same software so they will not preform any differently under the same conditions. Did you change your graphics settings or addon installations perhaps? Thanks!