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I have just updated Xp11 to 11.30 as it was offered when I srated XP11.

XP11.30 starts and takesd me to the menus, but crahses everey time I try to load a flight (new or rold).

How can I reinstall the update, or remove it so I can try again later?

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I'm having the same issue.  Reinstalled with a clean copy thinking it was an issue with something I had installed. Never had this issue before.  Ever.  Just tried to run the Sim. No extra scenery, aircraft, anything.  And still the same thing.  I'm a little irritated by this as I have spent numerous hours getting the settings right and all the extra downloads that i know how to reinstall, someday with the Sim works again.
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Hi Peter, Had the same issue, I tried different planes flights old and new but still the same issue.  I sent all of the crash logs to support.

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Fixed my issue - one of the plugin files was corrupt, replaced it and all is well.

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Hi TooMuchFS,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

To assist in solving your problem attach your log.txt file.  To do so have a look at the following link found at

Once it is attached others with a greater knowledge base may be able to provide an answer.



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I had the same issue: when I started my flight, I would see the airplane on the tarmac and 5 seconds later, it would completely crash my computer (hard reboot!).  I saw Hobokiwi's comment and removed all plugins that were not part of the original X-Plane and it worked.  For me, these plugins were FlyWithLua and AutoGate.  I'm pretty sure once I have them updated, I will be able to use them again...

In short: remove all non-original plugins (or update them all) and hopefully your issue should be resolved.